William Aidan Good

I'm Aidan Good

During working hours I'm an ASIC design engineer at Ericsson. During my personal hours I try to not do nothing.

Featured Projects

  • Recall Distortion in Neural Network Pruning and the Undecayed Pruning Algorithm
    Paper accepted into the NeurIPS 2022 Conference.
    In this work, we studied relative distortions in class-level recall caused by network pruning by hypothesizing an intensification effect.
    In layman's terms: we studied how removing weights from ML networks can cause very unequal class-level accuracies even when the model-level accuracy remains high.
  • McCoy 8-bit Microprocessor
    Created a tiny RISC processor with 7 instructions, 10 registers, and can run a 256 instruction long program. Taped-out and submitted for fabrication on a chipIgnite shuttle through the Tiny Tapeout program.
  • Dance Dance Revolution with the Basys3
    Created a Dance Dance Revolution game playable on the Basys3 FPGA board, written in Verilog.
    Includes NES controller support and VGA output.
  • GitHub Profile
    I try to upload the code and documentation for projects I have created and worked, but not everyting makes the cut.