William Aidan Good


A collection of personal projects, research papers, school work, and other "things" I have done.

Custom Matrix Chatroom


Created a custom anonymized Matrix chatroom hosted on AWS for a client.

McCoy 8-bit Microprocessor


Within the very limited constraints of 8 input / 8 output and a 150 x 170 ┬Ám die area I fit a functional RISC processor. All details, tables and pictures are over on my GitHub tt02-McCoy.
Chips were fabricated in November 2023, and I will be recieving mine in January 2024.

Machine Learning Research

2021 - 2022

Working in the Bucknell Advanced Analytics Research Lab, my first job was on measuring the impact pruning has on fairness in neural networks. The paper we wrote got accepted into the NeurIPS 2022 Conference. After that, I worked on a paper focused on exploring selective pruning based on linear regions in linear neural networks. That one got accepted into CPAIOR 2023.

Dance Dance Revolution


My first foray into the world of FPGAs and hardware synthesis, two of my friends and I created a circuit that replicates the basics of the Dance Dance Revolution game: a directional arrow appears and you press on the corresponding directional button. We used the Basys3 FPGA Board with Vivado software. Project features include VGA output, NES controller support, and 4 difficulty selections.

PennApps XXII Hackathon


On a team with three of my friends, we competed in the PennApps Hackathon. It was a lot of work with little sleep, but in the end we managed to create a working prototype of our original idea and ended up winning the Humor Route and Best Machine Learning with Tangram categories. Check out the project on the Devpost here.

Discord Dad Bot


When a bot used in a club's discord server stopped working, I created my own and enhanced on the functionality of the old one. My bot monitors the server channels for keywords and then generate a response. When no pre-scripted response is available, the message is passed to a GPT-2 large language model to generate a response (before it was cool!). The project was hosted 24/7 on Heroku until they discontinued their free dynos in late 2022.

Python Pygame


My first "big" personal project with around 6 months of python under my belt. It is a simple 2d sideways-scrolling spaceship shooter game.