William Aidan Good

About Me

I'm an ASIC Design Engineer at Ericsson, and graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

Some Hobbies

I'm an Eagle Scout, and still enjoy going on hikes or backpacking. I have been playing tennis for a few years, and I used to run XC and competed at states. Nowadays I mainly go bouldering indoors for fitness.
For video games I primarily play singleplayer and coop games.
I'd say I'm slightly beyond the "beginner" level playing the piano.

Some Skills

I primarily program in Python or C, and I have coded with Bash, C++, Java, Swift, Ruby, and more before.

I'm a bit of an electronics hobbiest and I have a done some stuff with raspberry pi's, arduinos, ESP32s, and FPGAs.

If this website is anything to go by I am clearly not much of a graphic desiger.

Other Misc. Pages

A collection of blogs and webpages I've found scattered around the web that I like to keep here for quick reference.