William Aidan Good

The McCoy 8-bit Microprocessor
Tiny Tapeout 2 Project

The Tiny Tapeout program is run by Matt Venn, and this project will be on the 2nd run of Tiny Tapeout (TT2).
Website: https://tinytapeout.com/
This program gathers a bunch of 150 x 170 ┬Ám designs to be fabricated on the Skywater 130 nm node via a chipIgnite shuttle.
All of the details of my design can be found on my GitHub repository.

My goal was to create a RISC-V inspired microprocessor within the design constraints, all within the first 2 weeks of the submission period. Limited die area, 8 digital inputs and 8 digital outputs. Design area was increased about halfway through the submission period, but I was unable to take advantage other than bumping the register size from 6-bits to 8-bits due to time constrains.